The Dream


This site was originally set up to cover our expedition in 1999. The expedition was successful and we received almost 4 million hits from around the world during the 3 months that it lasted. Due to this large interest for mountaineering (and especially our own favorite mountain; the Everest) we have created this  site.

The site is based on our 4 years experience of climbing the mountain, most often in independent expeditions. It is made for you out there dreaming to climb the mountain but not knowing how to go about it. The site is not intended to be comprehensive on all aspects of alpine climbing. There is plenty of information on the net and in literature on the subject.

Did you see Everest - the movie?

We were there in 1996.
We wrote this guide, our friends wrote books.

Get the full picture straight from the horseís mouth:
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Itís more about the facts that we couldnít find ourselves when attempting Everest the first time. Itís typical inside information, until now reserved for expedition leaders and veteran Everest climbers only. Such as where to buy oxygen, how to file for a permit, the hunt for sponsors, what to expect in Basecamp politics, to read weather reports, what to beware in commercial expeditions and so on.

Itís also about daring to dream and acting on it. No matter who you are, at what point in your life, weak, poor or afraid. Everest is our highest mountain and the climb has an everlasting, profound impact on most Everest climbers life. True, some die, yet far more survive to a whole new vision on life. 

Everest affects. Itís a graceful, gentle mountain, even though it occasionally keeps some of us forever. In return, Everest offers the lucky rest of us a tremendous insight in ourselves and the human kind; as we and our  fellow climbers  are tried in brutally exposing situations. Everest also reveals the true soul of nature, in all itís beauty, temper and might.

Finally, Everest shows you the grace of great dreams, fears overcome and, sometimes, triumph following the most desperate of outlooks. This lesson is  perhaps Everestís most powerful gift to all of us: whether we are on the summit, or wandering by its foot, or simply at home, gaining the knowledge by the testimony of others.

Yet, if you are hoping to one-day experience Everest or other alpine giants yourself, itís time to begin. So let's start from scratch - ultimately, we hope that this site will help you to fulfill that dream.
The dream of your Everest.


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